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Jan 31 - Feb 11, 2024
This is How We Got Here

“Your story lives in me and my story lives in you.”


The production runs 80 minutes, with no intermission.

Content Advisory: Grief, homophobia, discussion of suicide. Recommended ages 13+.

Cast: Danny Knight, Kathleen MacLean, Skye Brandon, Jennifer Dawn Bishop⁠, Aren Okemaysim⁠
⁠Katie German – Director⁠
Rayna Masterton – Assistant Director⁠
Jawon Kang – Set Designer⁠
Judith Schulz – Projection Designer⁠
Hailey Verbonac – Lighting Designer⁠
Tim Bratton – Sound Designer⁠
Jeff Chief – Costume Designer⁠
Alana Freistadt – Stage Manager⁠
Jalisa Gonie – Assistant Stage Manager⁠
Katie Blackburn-Dust – Apprentice Stage Manager⁠
Jordie Richardson – Fight Director

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