The Edney Community Library is a collection of plays and theatre related books hosted at Persephone Theatre for community use. The Library includes a wide array of items, including: technical books, theory books,  contemporary and modern playwrights, Canadian playwrights, Indigenous playwrights, Queer playwrights, playwrights from the Global Majority, and European, British and Greek classical theatre, among other things. All books from the Edney Community Library are free to borrow. You are welcome to stay and enjoy the Tier 2 Lounge while you read, or take the book with you. Please return books to the library when you are finished.  The Library launched in the fall of 2022. It was made possible by an initial donation from David Edney, that was supported with further donations from Phillip Adams, Derek Butt, Heather Cant, Grahame Kent, Yvette Nolan and the Sask Playwrights Centre. We are so grateful to these folks for helping us bring this resource to our community. Do you have plays or theatre books you would like to donate to the library?

Please contact Grahame Kent, Artistic Associate – Community Building at [email protected].

We gratefully accept both books and monetary donations to keep the library well stocked each year with fresh titles.


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