The Herd

Loud noises:
there is one moment of repeated gunshot sound effects.
Colonial harms:
‘Indian’ is used to describe Indigenous people; the phrase “For every buffalo dead is an Indian gone” is used.
Cultural insensitivity and appropriation: The character Coyote Jackson has a blog called ‘Red Warrior Media’ on which he claims Indigenous ancestry. His ancestry is called into question, and a few characters refer to him as a “pretendian.” The family history that has been shared with Coyote include one of his mother’s ancestors being an ‘enfant sauvage’ in the early 1700s. Coupled with his darker skin tone, Coyote believes this heritage to be true. Coyote was not raised within an Indigenous community, culture or traditions. If his ancestry is true, then he is on a path of cultural reclamation. If it is not, he is actively appropriating Indigenous culture and causing harm. The show explores the open ended question of how to navigate this issue of Indigenous identity when colonial harms have made it difficult for Indigenous peoples to remain connected to their communities and for cultural traditions to be passed down, and made it easy for settlers to claim ancestry without having to prove those claims.
The Irish character, Aislinn, sometimes expresses views that reduce Indigenous culture to a commodity to be consumed.
Vulgar Language:
cursing is infrequent. Words used include shit, fuck, cunt.

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