Oct 5 - 18, 2000 October 5 - 18, 2000
Oct 5 - 18, 2000

Who Has Seen the Wind

by W.O. Mitchell and Adapted by Lee MacDougall



  • Kent Allen
  • Sharon Bakker
  • Deborah Buck
  • Cynthia Dyck
  • Alphonse Gaudet
  • Mark Oddan
  • Tom O’Hara
  • Edward Willett
  • Jared Berry
  • Ken Dyna
  • Mitchell Ehr
  • Cal Lakevold
  • Jessica Stang
  • Derek Strelioff
  • Jessica Tremblay

Creative Team

  • Tibor Feheregyhazi Director
  • Hans Becker Set Designer
  • Beverley Kobelsky Costume Designer
  • Mark Von Eschen Lighting Designer
  • Michael Stewart Sound Designer
  • Laura Kennedy Stage Manager

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