May 18 - 21, 2017 May 18 - 21, 2017
May 18 - 21, 2017


By Daniel Macdonald and the Persephone Young Company

Music and lyrics composed by Deanna Stockdale-Winder, Shantel Heit, Neil Visvanathan, Jesse Patterson, and Alison Jenkins 

The song Human Family (music written by Shantel Heit) based on the poem “Human Family” by Maya Angelou.



  • Peace Akintade
  • Rhiannon Bowes
  • Livia Dyring
  • Paige Francoeur
  • Jenna Gulutzan
  • Shantel Heit
  • Meagan Kernaghan
  • James Kiehn
  • Emilee Kopeck
  • Alex Lowell
  • Anna Marko
  • Aiden McRorie
  • Jesse Patterson
  • Logan Pfeifer
  • Connor Riopel
  • Cameron Robinson
  • Krista Sandoval
  • Deanna Stockdale Winder
  • Hope Udoh
  • Neil Visvanathan

Creative Team

  • Daniel MacDonald Director
  • Alex Lowell Assistant Director & Costume Designer
  • Alison Jenkins Music Director
  • Andy Forrester Lighting Designer & Backstage Assistant
  • Derek Butt Technical Director
  • Drew Mantyka Stage Manager
  • Morgan Murphy Sound Operator
  • Mark Eriksson Scenic Painters
  • Paige Francoeur Scenic Painters
  • Meagan Kernaghan Scenic Painters
  • Connor Riopel Scenic Painters
  • Ralph Blankenagel Props

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