Persephone Theatre wraps up 2021-22 season with The Revolutionists

The Revolutionists tells the story of four female figures of the French Revolution. It runs at the Persephone Theatre from April 6-30.

French playwright Olympe De Gouges is stumped.
She sits at her desk trying to pen a play that captures the current moment, that has the potential to incite action and provoke people in the midst of France’s revolution. Little does she know, she’s already in one.

Lauren Gunderson’s The Revolutionists, playing at Persephone Theatre from April 6 to 30, imagines four female figures of the French Revolution as close friends and confidantes, although they never met in real life.

De Gouges (Elizabeth Nepjuk), Charlotte Corday (Kathleen MacLean), Marie Antoinette (Anita Smith) and Marianne Angelle (Chiamaka Glory) pass the time in De Gouges home while revolution rages outside.

“Putting them in an imagined space together to talk about the realities of their lived experience, in the context of that revolution, it really illuminates a lot of their hopes and dreams and angst and frustration,” Revolutionists director and Persephone Theatre Artistic Director Heather Cant said. “And in a way that really resonates with a contemporary audience.”


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