Persephone Commemorates National Day for Truth and Reconciliation With Art Commission

Saskatoon, SK – For the third consecutive year, Persephone Theatre amplifies Indigenous voices through its annual commission in honor of the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation.

This year’s featured work is the short film “Letters To My Son” by Nissan Gordon, a Métis and Jamaican artist based in Saskatoon.

“(This film) is about a father explaining our shared history to a young boy as he grows, trying to show him the vast connection we have with our roots and how he can add to that story,” they explained. “This was my first film and the process was intense! This is such a sentimental piece to me and I had such a good time (creating) it with my son.”

Gordon decided to take on this commission because “Truth and Reconciliation is a critical part of our history, and our stories as Indigenous people and as Canadians are important. They need to be passed on.”

The Reconciliation Commission represents just one of the ways Persephone Theatre is elevating Indigenous artists’ voices and perspectives.

“We began the Reconciliation Commission in 2021, to coincide with the first National Day of Truth and Reconciliation, as a way to honour the day, encourage community conversation, and uplift the perspectives of Indigenous artists on what reconciliation means,” said Artistic Director Heather Cant. “My hope is to create a library of artistic response to the notion of reconciliation, and how it may change over time.”

Persephone Theatre firmly believes performing arts organizations play a vital role in reconciliation, and it is important for them to consider how they can and should contribute.

“The performing arts have always been an essential part of how we begin to understand one another, and engage in discussions that affect our community,” Cant said. “I believe the performing arts have a lot to offer as we all figure out how to walk the path toward reconciliation together.”

The Reconciliation Commission is but one way Persephone Theatre has identified it can contribute to the intentions of reconciliation and building good relations in our community.

“This is an important film because it is about us, everyone together, and how we heal,” Gordon said. “There is no rewriting history or ignoring it so we have to make it part of our story and work towards the future.”

To read more about our commitment, please visit Reconciliation is a collaborative endeavor; it cannot be accomplished in isolation. We invite the community to engage in dialogue and do this work together.

You can find the commissioned piece, “Letters To My Son” by Nissan Gordon at



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