While the Whole Town is Sleeping

Persephone Young Company 2021 – Golden Age of Radio Series

A radio play written by Ray Bradbury
Adapted by Jennica Grienke

Francine and Lavinia’s  small Illinois town has been traumatized by a series of murders, each one a month apart, by a strangler called “The Lonely One.” Lavinia says “Bosh!” to all of it and insists that it will be safe for her to walk home alone after their evening out…will it? Closely adapted from the Ray Bradbury short story, While the Whole Town is Sleeping will make you ask what if the only thing to fear is fear itself.

Listen to the show right now.



Tatenda – Narrator

Hannah – Francine

Gracie – Lavinia

Nicole – Mrs. Hanlon, Officer

Janna – Detective

Meeka – Helen
Jaden – Druggist, Man

Jennica Grienke – Director


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