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Sep 14 - Oct 2, 2022
Stones In His Pockets

Charlie and Jake are hired as extras when a Hollywood film crew arrives in their quiet Irish village to shoot the epic movie “A Quiet Valley.” But when harsh reality is pitted against the Hollywood Dream, hilarious chaos ensues. A tour-de-force for two actors that play 15 characters, Stones in his Pockets shines a spotlight on the contrast of reality in the village versus the romanticized version seen on screen. We are asked to examine the difference that can exist between the reality that surrounds us versus the carefully crafted narratives we encounter daily, and what role we play in which story gets told.

Skye Brandon
Nathan Howe

Joshua Beaudry  – Director
Drew Mantyka – Assistant Director
Hans Saefkow – Set Designer
Rebekah Johnson – Lighting Designer
Gilles Zolty – Composer and Sound Designer
Miranda Hughes-McKnight – Costume Designer
Liz King – Stage Manager
Jalisa Gonie – Apprentice Stage Manager
Katie Blackburn-Dust – Design Apprentice
Dorothy Ward – Dialect Coach
Samantha Fairweather – Movement Coach


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