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Mar 10 - 24, 2021 Rawlco Radio Hall

Adapted by Johnna Wright and Del Surjik

“Tell me, my daughters,
Which of you shall we say doth love us most?”

King Lear is widely considered one of the great masterpieces, not just of Shakespeare’s work, but of world theatre.  It’s the mythic tale of an aging king and father who is undone by his own arrogance and blindness.  Lear plans to give his daughters each a queenly inheritance – but first they must compete to prove their love for him.  This famous ‘love test’ sets in motion a devastating sequence of events that can only ruin both the king and his kingdom. 

In a new streamlined adaptation, LEAR explores passion and reason, cruelty and tenderness, wisdom and madness in the epic story of a man who loses everything, only to find his humanity. 


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