Roof leak puts damper on Persephone Theatre summer season

Roof leak repairs call on community for support of Persephone Theatre as 50th anniversary celebrations approach.

Sherri Solomko / Freelance Reporter

SASKATOON — It was recently announced that Saskatoon’s Persephone Theatre will be closed for the summer to repair a beleaguered roof leak. Restricted access to Persephone Theatre will begin June 24 and go until August of 2024, while the roof is being replaced. This will mean no access to the main stage until the roof repairs are complete in August.

Persephone Theatre maintains, “While access is limited, the building will remain open, and activities such as Persephone Theatre School will continue as scheduled.”

The storied 50-year history of Persephone Theatre began when the theatre company was founded in 1974, and named after the Greek Goddess, Persephone. Since the very first season, Persephone Theatre has been a part of many Saskatoon locations including Mendel Art Gallery and the University of Saskatchewan’s Greystone Theatre.

Breanne Harmon, Executive Director for Persephone Theatre, said, “Persephone Theatre took its permanent home in the Remai Arts Centre at River Landing 17 years ago, with the building opening in 2007, with the roof being the same age. The materials originally used for the roof were common materials for the time, and frequently used for flat roofs in the province. The material, commonly known as SBS is rigid, and unfortunately expands in the summer, and shrinks, or contracts in the winter.”

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