Review: Without Rule of Law captures a generation’s frustration

There’s a point in Without Rule of Law when Maureen, played by Heather Morrison, tries to apologize. She’s one of three girls in Grade 8 who are “Doomers,” fixated on preparing for the end of the world.

Halfway through, Maureen stops. She can’t apologize for something she knows is true.

Michaela Jeffrey’s morose play is centred around an impending apocalypse that, while never named, is heavily implied to be anthropogenic climate change. Without Rule of Law aims to capture the frustration of a generation screaming for its life. At Sunday’s matinee, it generally succeeded.

The central cast of doomsday vlogger Jo (a delightfully awkward Elizabeth Nepjuk), fantasy escapist Sarah (Angela Kemp) and Maureen spend their free time hiding preserves in the woods, making emergency tarps and inventing acronyms for every scenario imaginable.

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