Review: The Fiancée is a wickedly funny and silly farce

The Fiancée is a wickedly funny and silly farce

By Ezekiel McAdams
December 4 2022

Persephone Theatre’s production of The Fiancée is the early Christmas gift we needed.

Directed by Persephone’s artistic director Heather Cant and written by Holly Lewis. The play debuted at the Citadel Theatre in Edmonton. The play was shortlisted for Sharon Pollock Playwrighting Award and won the Alberta Playwright Competition Novitiate Award last year.

The play focuses on two sisters, Lucy (Ali Watson) and Rose (Jameela McNeil) just after the end of World War II. Lucy is indecisive and has trouble saying no to things. She accepted three marriage proposals from men before they shipped off and now all of them have returned at the same time. The three men are Dick (Cameron Grant), Manny (Mackenzie Dawson) and Captain Clark (Kenn McLeod). To make matters worse, the two sisters also have to deal with their new landlord, Ms Crotch (Kristel Harder) and a nervous vacuum salesman (Kenn McLeod).

This play is a nonstop roller coaster of laughs. It has everything from pratfalls, physical comedy, double entendre, sexual innuendos and sharp dialogue.

The two leads, Ali Watson and Jameela McNeil have undeniable chemistry that lights up the stage. Watson portrays Lucy with such earnest likability and charm and has such an infectious energy. Watson masterfully juggles physical comedy, accents, props and even food with ease.

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