Persephone Roof Repairs Q & A

We’ve had a lot of questions come in about the fly tower roof replacement, and we want to answer these questions for you, and thank you for your interest in our roof repairs!


Q: What is happening?

A: The roof at The Remai Arts Centre at Persephone Theatre has experienced continued leaking and pooling water and requires a full replacement. The roof is now 17 years old, with most flat roofs of similar builds lasting between 15-20 years. The roof will be replaced in three phases, with the first phase, the fly tower – the section directly above the Rawlco Radio Hall Main Stage and audience seating – beginning this summer.


Q: How is the repair being funded?

A: Persephone Theatre is a charitable, not-for-profit organization. Thanks to an incredibly generous gift from Malcolm and Marilyn Leggett, Persephone Theatre is launching a capital campaign to raise funds for the roof. The Leggetts have committed to donate $300,000 over three years (2023, 2024, 2025). Persephone Theatre would also like to acknowledge the support of the City of Saskatoon’s Cultural Capital Grant Program. Persephone is continuing to seek funding support from corporate funders, provincial and federal funders, as well as individual donations. If you would like to donate to the campaign, please contact our Development Officer Jory McKay at [email protected]


Q: Isn’t the building new?

A: Persephone Theatre took its permanent home in the Remai Arts Centre at River Landing 17 years ago.

Generally, the usable life of a flat roof like this one is about 15-20 years.


Q: What is wrong with the roof?

A: The materials originally used for the roof were common materials for the time and frequently used for flat roofs in the province.  The material, commonly known as SBS is rigid, and unfortunately expands in the summer, and shrinks, or contracts, in the winter. With Saskatchewan’s extreme weather – where we can see everything from -40 to +40 in one year – the roof materials have expanded and contracted in the different temperatures over the past seventeen years, causing significant gaps and tears in the roof, leading to water pooling and continuous leaks.


Q: Isn’t it a city owned facility?

A: Persephone Theatre at The Remai Arts Centre is owned and operated by Persephone Theatre. Persephone Theatre is a charitable, not-for-profit organization. As a charitable organization, we receive operating assistance from the City of Saskatoon. We rely on donations from corporations, grants and individuals.


Q: Aren’t you part of the Remai Modern?

A: While both Persephone Theatre and Remai Modern are housed in the same complex, we are two separate entities and two separate buildings, connected through a parking link. Remai Modern, the art gallery, is city owned and operated. Persephone Theatre is a charitable, not-for-profit organization, owned and operated by Persephone Theatre.


Q: Are you closed?

A: Access to Persephone Theatre will be limited during the renovations to the roof. This means there will not be access to the Rawlco Radio Hall Main Stage from June 24 until the roof repairs are completed in August. All other areas within the building will still be accessible and remain open, including administration offices, rehearsal halls and Theatre School.


Q: What about Theatre School?

A: Theatre School will still be running this summer, as planned! Since classes take place in the classrooms in the basement and in rehearsal halls, access will not be restricted. The roof repairs will not impact camps and classes taking place!


Q: Will you change the style of the roof so it isn’t flat? 

A: The style of the roof will remain the same. To change the style of the roof would be significantly more expensive than the $2 million we will need to replace the current style. There will be an industry-standard, low-slope roof system to direct moisture towards the side downspouts, which divert water down to lower roofs below.


Q: Is the building structurally sound and safe to be in?

A: Absolutely! The building itself is structurally sound and safe to be in, and is still very much in operation, with limited access for the duration of the replacement.


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