Incubator Series Announcement


Persephone Theatre is thrilled to announce the chosen projects for this year’s Incubator Series.

Developed by Scantily Glad Theatre & It’s Not a Box Theatre

In this new immersive promenade show, we will playfully explore the threads connecting the worlds of housing insecurity and biopolitics, through the use of giant wearable-art puppets and a series of audience-interactive games.
Together, we are a roving immersive ensemble, all but one of whom are wearing small tents over their entire bodies, fashioned to look like miniaturized houses or “millennial micro-homes.” Once settled, the Property Manager leads the audience through mini games to acquire housing, maintain their homes, and increase their property value, in this absurdist and interactive performance.


Homebudies is receiving support for a portion of this show’s development process from Incubator. This team of artists has also received additional support from SK Arts to create Homebuddies, which has been invited to the international renowned Prague Quadrennial in June 2023.

Untitled Project
by Paige Francoeur
What does it mean to be understood? A lonely girl receives an unexpected visitor. Through shadow puppetry and projection, the audience is invited through a tour of fragmented memories that reveal her struggle to live in a crumbling reality. This project blends true Saskatchewan history and gothic horror to examine mental health, identity, and how the two intertwine.

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