In memory of our friend Hugo Alvarado

All of us at Persephone Theatre are grieving the passing of our dear friend Hugo Alvarado.  Hugo was an exceptional artist who possessed a kind and compassionate heart. He will be greatly missed by so many in our community.

For Persephone, he was a long-time supporter and was constantly involved in our past art auctions.  When the Remai Arts Centre opened he helped Persephone thank the visual arts community for their support by becoming our Curator.  For over more than a decade, Hugo assembled displays of local work in our Pomegranate Gallery where artists sold their pieces, rotating on a show-by-show basis.

Hugo’s exceptional painting, entitled “A city is just an image of we who live there” hangs in our upstairs lobby, his generous gift to Persephone upon the opening our new theatre.   Hugo’s work was potent and prolific and his painting holds a place of honour in our theatre.

Thank you for everything, Hugo.


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