Community Update: Message from Working Group


It is spring. The snow melts, the birds sing, the Artists’ Working Group continues its work, invigorated by the promise of new beginnings.

We continue to meet with community members, incorporating thoughts and suggestions into our recommendations to the board and staff of Persephone.

This week, we are drafting a model posting for Artistic Leadership, which we will forward to General Manager Kristen Dion and the board of directors, along with another document listing things they should consider in the search and hiring process: the qualities the community wants to see in Artistic Leadership; the hopes for Persephone; possible pitfalls to be mindful of in the process.

This is not the posting that will be disseminated, of course, since we are not the hiring committee, but an aspirational document that we hope illustrates a call we think will invite the kind of leadership we want for the theatre.

In the meantime, we continue to have these discussions. We continue to hear from artists and leaders across the country who are encouraging, who say they are watching the process, in the hope that if we do this right, it will serve as a model for others.

Ah, Persephone. The goddess whose annual return signals new growth, flowers and fertility and fields of grain to feed us all. As it says in the Persephone Theatre history, “a theatre so named would be capable of growth and change, like the changing seasons of Saskatchewan.”

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