The Care Fund exists to support Artists in addressing emergent care needs which arise while under contract with Persephone Theatre. Artists are eligible to make a request at any point while they are under contract.

This fund is designed to support care needs which can generally be considered to fall under the following categories of primary financial support:

  • childcare
  • adult/elder care
  • health and wellness
  • disability/chronic illness support
  • transportation costs
  • bereavement expense

Secondary support requests can also be made. Secondary support may be in lieu of or in addition to primary financial support, where no financial request is made for support to aid the Artist in addressing their care need.

More information about our Statement of Care can be found HERE.

For the 2023-2024 Season, Persephone has $1,000 per in-house production available to access through the Care Fund.

To submit a request for support from the Care Fund, please answer the following questions:

Care Fund Request

I am requesting(Required)
Self-assessment, what option below best fits you?
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Applications to the Care Fund are held in confidence and shall be responded to within 10 working days

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