Calling in Artistic Leadership

The posting is up.

We have taken everything we have heard in the last eight weeks of conversations, correspondences, and circles, and worked to incorporate it into a posting that would reflect the hopes and dreams of the community. Our model posting went to the Board of Directors at the end of March, and the hiring committee took it and revised it in the first couple of weeks of April.

And now it is up.

We – the members of the Artists Working Group – are quite pleased with the call. We feel that it reflects what you told us, that it is honest and transparent about the position, that it will be inviting and attractive to a diversity of potential leaders.

This is just the beginning of the work. You will see links within the posting that lead the reader to other places – the job profile, for instance – that are out-of-date or under revision. That work continues, even as the search gets underway. Furthermore, the new Artistic Leadership will undoubtedly help to shape many of the now-outdated documents, policies and procedures.

Finally, the Artists Working Group is going to stay together to ensure that the hiring committee and the theatre continue to have your voices as resources until the new leadership is in place.

Thank you for being a part of this process. But your work continues as well. You can help make sure the posting gets to the right people, to artistic leaders who might be up for the work of transforming the theatre.



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