IBPOC Play Commission

Call for Proposals

Persephone Theatre is undergoing a period of profound reflection and reinvention. We are actively attending to our core company values and ensuring our artistic programming and play development models better serve, support, and centre the stories and creative needs of IBPOC artists.

As part of this commitment, we are offering a paid commission for an artist who identifies as Indigenous, Black, or a Person of Colour to create a full length production with Persephone Theatre.

As a company with a long history of commissioning and developing new Canadian plays, Persephone Theatre has cultivated a loyal audience interested in new work. We are inviting IBPOC artists to submit proposals for the creation of new work that will be part of our upcoming season programming. We will work with the selected artist(s) to create a unique process of collaboration that empowers the artist(s) to create that work on their terms. Persephone also commits to producing this work once it is ready to be staged and it is safe to do so.

What Persephone is Providing:

  • $15,000 commission fee
  • A premiere production in an upcoming MainStage Season
  • A co-designed creation and development process from inception to premiere
  • Ongoing dramaturgical and development support by Artistic Associate, Jennica Grienke and others through support from the Saskatchewan Playwrights Centre
  • Space, time, and support in the form of readings, workshops, consultations with other artists as requested or required (facilitated and paid for by Persephone Theatre)

What we are looking for from your proposal:

  • A brand new idea or project that has not been previously performed in any capacity
  • A commitment to a long-term creation process and collaboration with Persephone Theatre

Who can apply:

  • Creators who self-identify as Indigenous, Black, or a Person of Colour. Artists who are currently Canadian residents

Application Guidelines

A single PDF (maximum of 5 pages) or Video (maximum of 10 minutes) addressing the following:

  • Tell Us About Yourself
  • Tell us who you are and about your artistic practice (you may choose to attach a CV)
  • Describe your artistic experiences (professional or non-professional, paid or unpaid). Please also include any educational or training experiences you feel are relevant or you’d like us to know about.

Describe Your Project Idea

  • What story or idea are you exploring?
  • Why is this a story you want to tell? Why here? Why now?
  • Why are you drawn to tell this story through live theatre (as opposed to other mediums) and how do you imagine it being created?
  • If you are able to and/or would like to describe your ideal process, please include it.

Please do not include completed scripts in your proposal. We do not require reviews, references, photos or press clippings and will request supplemental material only if it becomes necessary for the adjudication process. Please note that the selection committee may also request conversations with short listed artists to better understand their project and discuss the project’s particular needs.

Need a different way to send your ideas in? Let us know
If you have any questions about the application process, or have application accessibility concerns that  Persephone Theatre can assist with,please contact Jennica at 306-284-2126 ext 242 or [email protected]

Proposal Deadline
Please email your proposal to Jennica Grienke at [email protected] by 11:59pm CST on November 30, 2020.

Commission Selection Committee
All proposals will be reviewed and the final selection will be made by a diverse committee comprised of 50% Canadian theatre artists and 50% Persephone Staff.

We look forward to receiving your proposal!

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