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Audition Inquiries

To be contacted about the next round of general auditions (2018), OR to express interest in show-specific auditions, after the annual season announcement, OR to express interest and capacity to work in Saskatoon, please email Persephone Theatre's Artist Liaison, Carol Affleck.

Show auditions and callbacks are arranged on a case-by-case basis.  

For information about workshops for professional artists at Persephone Theatre, please email our Education Director, Carla Mysko.


New Play Submissions

Persephone Theatre’s mandate and practice has a wide range of production that includes new work.  We are interested in receiving submissions from emerging and established writers of plays that fit within our producing spectrum.  

Submissions are reviewed by Literary Manager Johnna Wright and are kept on file. Due to staff work load, we are unable to provide dramaturgical feedback unless a script is being considered for production.  We will acknowledge receipt of your submission, and will get in touch after that if we need more information.

With your submission, please include the following:

Playwright's name and contact info
A brief bio of relevant experience/training
A brief (100 words or less) synopsis of the play
Casting breakdown
Development history (if any) for this script

This information, and the script, can be emailed to
Hard copy submissions may be sent to Persephone's mailing address, ATT'N:  LITERARY MANAGER.


Playwright's Unit 2017/18

Persephone Theatre and the Saskatchewan Playwrights’ Centre invite submissions from playwrights for the 2017/18 Playwrights’ Unit.

This program is open to Saskatchewan playwrights at an ‘intermediate’ stage in their careers. In this context, ‘intermediate’ is defined as playwrights who have had one to two professional productions of their work, or several community and/or Fringe productions. That being said, if you feel your work is at an ‘intermediate’ stage due to other experience/ accomplishments, then please do submit an application.

Persephone Theatre views this Playwrights’ Unit as an opportunity to form relationships with developing playwrights and support their growth. Participation in the Playwrights’ Unit does not guarantee a production at Persephone Theatre.

Please submit applications to Persephone or SPC by September 15, 2017, including:

Send materials to:
ATTN: Literary Manager
Persephone Theatre
100 Spadina Crescent East
Saskatoon, SK
S7K 0L3

Or by email to:


Co-Production and Presentation Pitches

Persephone Theatre engages in co-productions and presentations on a regular basis.  This includes both of our stages (large proscenium and intimate black box) as well as other venue stakeholders in our community.  

Co-productions are based on artistic criteria, followed by a consensus on combining artistic teams from the communities involved (and sometimes the greater nation).  Presentations and co-presentations are part of the mix of both our adult and youth programming.  

For adult programming, please email initial inquiries to Artistic Director Del Surjik.

For youth material, please email initial inquiries to Artistic Associate Jennica Grienke 

We will reply with our level of interest and whether we are ready to receive further information.  


To inquire about directing and assistant-directing opportunities at Persephone, please contact the Artistic Director, Del Surjik.


To inquire about design and design-assist opportunities at Persephone, please contact the Artistic Director, Del Surjik.

Stage Management & Technicians

To inquire about technical or stage management opportunities, please contact our Production Manager, Roger Lantz.


To express interest in teaching at our theatre school, please contact our Education Director, Carla Mysko.

Assistant & Mentorship Opportunities

Persephone Theatre provides assistant opportunities annually on a case-by-case basis according to our organizational capacity and the suitability of the proposal.  These include, but are not limited to, Assistant Director, Assistant Designer and Apprentice Assistant Stage Manager.  

For general inquiries about assisting, please contact Artistic Associate Jennica Grienke.

For inquiries regarding apprenticing in stage management, please contact Production Manager Roger Lantz.

Box Office

To inquire about part-time work in Persephone's Box Office, please contact Box Office Manager Laura Helgert.