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Benefits of monthly giving: You don’t have to remember to renew your gift! Whether you choose to make a monthly gift through your credit card or through direct banking your gift schedule will occur on a regular basis unless you decide to stop. By choosing to make a monthly gift you can spread your support out all through the year! Your gift will continue to have an impact every month and this means a lot for Persephone programming and planning.

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Backstage Pass for Donors

Support what you love

Make a donation to Persephone and have the chance to meet artists, attend first day of rehearsal read-throughs and mingle with other passionate theatre lovers through our Directors Circle donor program.

A $1,500 donation provides you and a guest with access to behind-the-scenes Directors Circle activities for 12 months. You can choose to make a one-time donation or sign up for monthly giving.
What our Directors Circle members like about the program:

“It simply makes me so happy to be able to experience professional theatre in this deep meaningful way where I feel connected to the whole production of the play”

“Getting a ‘behind the scenes’ look gave me some more insight into all that goes to bring a play to life. While one knows these things academically, seeing and hearing these in real time added a real appreciation of the skills, talent, work and passion of all involved in bringing a play to a reality.”


If you would like more information about the Directors Circle please contact Megan Kent at or reach out by phone at 306-384-2126 ext.238

Donate to the Spotlight Fund

Persephone Theatre is dedicated to bringing world-class theatre to its audience. The Spotlight Fund has been created especially so that, when an artistic opportunity arises, we can Shine the Spotlight to bring you an extraordinary live theatre experience. This could mean building stunning period costumes; creating extra special effects for a show; or even helping in the development of a brand new play. 

And your gift will be doubled.

Thanks to the great generosity of Canadian playwright Joanna McClelland Glass, in memory of her daughter Jennifer Louise Glass, all donations received for the Spotlight Fund will be matched dollar for dollar up to $50,000. Donate to the Spotlight Fund today and make your gift shine twice as bright.

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To make a donation of securities please contact Megan Kent at or reach out by phone at 306-384-2126 ext.238

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Artists’ Page

2017-2018 Playwrights' Unit
Co-Production & Presentation Pitches
Stage Management & Technicians
Assistant & Mentorship Opportunities
Box Office staff


Audition Inquiries

To be contacted about the next round of general auditions (2018), OR to express interest in show-specific auditions, after the annual season announcement, OR to express interest and capacity to work in Saskatoon, please email Persephone Theatre's Artist Liaison, Carol Affleck.

Show auditions and callbacks are arranged on a case-by-case basis.  

For information about workshops for professional artists at Persephone Theatre, please email our Education Director, Carla Mysko.


New Play Submissions

Persephone Theatre’s mandate and practice has a wide range of production that includes new work.  We are interested in receiving submissions from emerging and established writers of plays that fit within our producing spectrum.  

Submissions are reviewed by Literary Manager Johnna Wright and are kept on file. Due to staff work load, we are unable to provide dramaturgical feedback unless a script is being considered for production.  We will acknowledge receipt of your submission, and will get in touch after that if we need more information.

With your submission, please include the following:

Playwright's name and contact info
A brief bio of relevant experience/training
A brief (100 words or less) synopsis of the play
Casting breakdown
Development history (if any) for this script

This information, and the script, can be emailed to
Hard copy submissions may be sent to Persephone's mailing address, ATT'N:  LITERARY MANAGER.


Playwright's Unit 2017/18

Persephone Theatre and the Saskatchewan Playwrights’ Centre invite submissions from playwrights for the 2017/18 Playwrights’ Unit.

This program is open to Saskatchewan playwrights at an ‘intermediate’ stage in their careers. In this context, ‘intermediate’ is defined as playwrights who have had one to two professional productions of their work, or several community and/or Fringe productions. That being said, if you feel your work is at an ‘intermediate’ stage due to other experience/ accomplishments, then please do submit an application.

Persephone Theatre views this Playwrights’ Unit as an opportunity to form relationships with developing playwrights and support their growth. Participation in the Playwrights’ Unit does not guarantee a production at Persephone Theatre.

Please submit applications to Persephone or SPC by September 15, 2017, including:

Send materials to:
ATTN: Literary Manager
Persephone Theatre
100 Spadina Crescent East
Saskatoon, SK
S7K 0L3

Or by email to:


Co-Production and Presentation Pitches

Persephone Theatre engages in co-productions and presentations on a regular basis.  This includes both of our stages (large proscenium and intimate black box) as well as other venue stakeholders in our community.  

Co-productions are based on artistic criteria, followed by a consensus on combining artistic teams from the communities involved (and sometimes the greater nation).  Presentations and co-presentations are part of the mix of both our adult and youth programming.  

For adult programming, please email initial inquiries to Artistic Director Del Surjik.

For youth material, please email initial inquiries to Artistic Associate Jennica Grienke 

We will reply with our level of interest and whether we are ready to receive further information.  


To inquire about directing and assistant-directing opportunities at Persephone, please contact the Artistic Director, Del Surjik.


To inquire about design and design-assist opportunities at Persephone, please contact the Artistic Director, Del Surjik.

Stage Management & Technicians

To inquire about technical or stage management opportunities, please contact our Production Manager, Roger Lantz.


To express interest in teaching at our theatre school, please contact our Education Director, Carla Mysko.

Assistant & Mentorship Opportunities

Persephone Theatre provides assistant opportunities annually on a case-by-case basis according to our organizational capacity and the suitability of the proposal.  These include, but are not limited to, Assistant Director, Assistant Designer and Apprentice Assistant Stage Manager.  

For general inquiries about assisting, please contact Artistic Associate Jennica Grienke.

For inquiries regarding apprenticing in stage management, please contact Production Manager Roger Lantz.

Box Office

To inquire about part-time work in Persephone's Box Office, please contact Box Office Manager Laura Helgert.

Persephone Theatre » Persephone Young Company - 2018

Persephone Young Company - 2018

From the people who brought you HEREThese Things I Know, The Romeo Project comes Radiant Boy - A Hip Hop Musical.

Radiant Boy is the story of Geoffrey, a little boy who quickly learns the hard lessons of what it is like to go to school when all you really want to do is imagine, dream, and play. He sets off to his first day of school wearing a costume and returns home beaten by his schoolmates. From that day forward, it’s a battle between Geoffrey and the forces of convention and boredom who want to stomp out his creativity, his uniqueness, and will. He comes to doubt his own world until he finally decides to change his world and suffer the consequences no matter what. And becomes a hero…and an outlaw. Not for children, Radiant Boy is story about a child’s world for grownups…or near grownups.

Radiant Boy is an original hip hop musical written by playwright and director Daniel Macdonald, and grade 12 student Deanna Stockdale Winder, for the Persephone Young Company, May 2018. 

The Persephone Theatre Young Company is Saskatchewan's premiere non-academic theatre training ground for young people ages 14-19. It is part intensive performance class, part theatre exploration, and part theatre production. Each fall auditions are held for young people from Saskatoon and area to be a part of a large-scale theatre production while at the same time learning new performance and theatre-creation skills. No experience necessary.

Performance Dates: May 15-19
School Matinees: Tuesday, May 15 & Wednesday, May 16

Buy your tickets for the show by calling the Persephone Theatre Box Office at 306-384-7727.
Tickets are not on sale yet. 

Young Company Frequently Asked Questions

Young Company Application Form

Audition Pieces

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Privacy Policy

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Persephone Theatre » Pricing & Seating

Pricing & Seating

Click here to purchase your 2017-2018 subscription online.

Please note that Seniors Package Subscriptions can only be purchased by phone or in person.

Click here to download detailed instructions for renewing or purchasing your subscription online.


2017-2018 Pricing

Showtimes 2017-2018 Single Tickets  2017-2018 Subscription
Previews & Wed. Matinee $26  $144
Tues, Wed, Thurs, Sun Evenings $36 $180 - $192
Sunday Matinee $39 $204 - $222
Fri, Sat Evenings $48 $234 - $246
Flex Pass - 6 tickets to use as you choose   $234
Senior & Student
Showtimes 2017-2018 Single Tickets   2017-2018 Subscription
Previews & Wed. Matinee $26 $144
Tues, Wed, Thurs, Sun Evening $30 $162 - $174
Sunday Matinee $35 $192 - $207
Fri, Sat Evening $40 $210 - $234
Flex Pass   $210
Seniors Package   $296 - SALES CLOSED

Children 14 years and younger $16

Seniors are classified as 60 and over

Premium seating indicates boxes and balcony seating, as indicated by the map below.

Extension Pricing

Previews & Wed. Matinee $31 
Tues, Wed, Thurs, Sun Evenings $41
Sunday Matinee $44
Fri, Sat Evenings $53

Senior & Student
Previews & Wed. Matinee $31
Tues, Wed, Thurs, Sun Evening $35
Sunday Matinee $41
Fri, Sat Evening $45

Children 14 years and under $21


download seating map

online subscription renewal guide

Persephone Theatre » History


Founded in 1974, Persephone Theatre has become one of the largest theatres in Canada, and the largest in Saskatchewan. Founded by Janet and Susan Wright, and Brian Richmond (the theatre's first artistic director), Persephone Theatre has a long, rich history of supporting the arts in Saskatoon.

In its early years, Persephone faced many problems associated with establishing a professional theatre. Between 1974 and 1981, there were no fewer than six artistic directors. Finally, in 1982, Hungarian-born Tibor Feheregyhazi was named to the position, where he remained until his death in July 2007. With his profound knowledge, passion and enthusiasm, as well as an extraordinary gift for choosing productions that captured the hearts and minds of a Saskatchewan audience, Persephone enjoyed a long succession of popular and profitable seasons.

Persephone Theatre has existed in a variety of venues before arriving at its current location at River Landing. The Mendel Art Gallery, University of Saskatchewan’s Greystone Theatre and St. Thomas Wesley Church all served as temporary locations prior to Persephone’s acquisition and renovation of the Westgate Alliance Church, which served as home for 20 productive years.

Artistic Director Del Surjik took the helm in 2007 and Persephone moved into their new theatre facility at the Remai Arts Centre at River Landing. Persephone’s seasons have grown to a six play Main Stage series, a three play second stage series (The Deep End) and six productions for youth (including a provincial tour). Persephone Theatre continues to support the development and production of new work and local playwrights.