Founded in 1974, Persephone Theatre has become one of the largest theatres in Canada, and the largest in Saskatchewan. Founded by Janet and Susan Wright, and Brian Richmond (the theatre's first artistic director), Persephone Theatre has a long, rich history of supporting the arts in Saskatoon.

In its early years, Persephone faced many problems associated with establishing a professional theatre. Between 1974 and 1981, there were no fewer than six artistic directors. Finally, in 1982, Hungarian-born Tibor Feheregyhazi was named to the position, where he remained until his death in July 2007. With his profound knowledge, passion and enthusiasm, as well as an extraordinary gift for choosing productions that captured the hearts and minds of a Saskatchewan audience, Persephone enjoyed a long succession of popular and profitable seasons.

Persephone Theatre has existed in a variety of venues before arriving at its current location at River Landing. The Mendel Art Gallery, University of Saskatchewan’s Greystone Theatre and St. Thomas Wesley Church all served as temporary locations prior to Persephone’s acquisition and renovation of the Westgate Alliance Church, which served as home for 20 productive years.

Artistic Director Del Surjik took the helm in 2007 and Persephone moved into their new theatre facility at the Remai Arts Centre at River Landing. Persephone’s seasons have grown to a six play Main Stage series, a three play second stage series (The Deep End) and six productions for youth (including a provincial tour). Persephone Theatre continues to support the development and production of new work and local playwrights.